15.06.2015 Industrial companies set to benefit from a new service

Today’s dampened economic environment and slow growth in many sectors has, once again, prompted a rethink into the way companies do business. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the industrial sector in its entirety is a low growth, low margin sector. Concurrently to the present turmoil there are several increasing megatrends shaping the behavior of global clientele.

Now, it’s of utmost importance for companies to sharpen their strategic focus and crystalize their competitive advantages. The time is right for identifying acquisition and alliance targets and preparing for expansion by streamlining business models and hiring new talents. A specific attention needs to be paid into lightness and brightness of planning and effectiveness of implementation.

Help is at hand

A new service helping industrial companies take this leap to the next level has recently been launched. Advisorium has drawn together an impressive network of individuals consisting of talented top executives located in central and northern Europe.

Whether it’s adopting a new operating or organizational model, integrating a new acquisition successfully, setting up an international distribution network for global expansion, or high level executive coaching, their advisors have the skills and knowledge to help.

“After initial discussions with a larger number of potential client companies and advisor partner candidates, Advisorium looks set to enjoy rapid growth around Europe in the coming months.” 
Mr. Ilkka Mujunen, founder of Advisorium

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